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Love of Homeschooling Grows Into Monthly Event

Updated: Aug 3

John Nelson, the owner of the Rose Bowl, is a fan of families. He has a special place in his heart for homeschooling families and even started a special monthly event designed to help these families connect with one another and have fun doing so. John’s reason for launching Homeschool HyperBowling on the first Wednesday of the month has roots in his own family’s story.

In the 1980s homeschooling children was quite uncommon. John Nelson’s family was the first in their school district to homeschool their children. The Nelsons wrestled long and hard on whether homeschooling was the best option for their oldest daughter Jana, who was entering kindergarten, and finally decided to give it a try for a year.

“Fortunately, we were blessed with a principal who was very supportive,” John explains. “He helped us review our selection of curriculum and even came to our home to observe my wife’s teaching. We were happy for the help and reassurance he gave us.”

When Jana entered first grade, the Nelsons committed to one more year of homeschooling. Each year, they evaluated what was the best decision for each of their five children. The evaluations led the Nelson family to two children being homeschooled through sixth grade, their third child homeschooled through eighth grade, and their fourth and fifth homeschooled through their senior years.

“By the time our youngest was going through school, homeschooling was well established, and we were able to have a good working relationship with our local high school,” John continued. “She was able to pick and choose various courses to take at the public high school, many of which were actually college courses.”

Both Justin and Lisbeth, the two youngest Nelson children, graduated with nearly 30 college credits. All the Nelson children received nearly full-ride scholarships to college and excelled in their post-graduate studies as well.

“I don’t say this to brag on myself or my wife’s teaching. I say this to brag on homeschooling done properly,” noted John. “Homeschooling has come a long way since we began this journey. My older children had to choose public or home school. Whereas my younger children were able to do both, in a way.”

When Lisbeth, the Nelson’s youngest child, entered high school she could participate in many public-school classes. She was able to take the most advanced math and science courses, which helped in her success in college. Lisbeth graduated as Valedictorian of Medical Sciences at her University.

“Homeschooling had obviously prepared my children to do well in life,” John added. “My hat is off to my wife for 30 long years of investing in our children’s education, character, and spiritual development. And our hats are off to the thousands of homeschool moms and dads who are doing the same for their kids.”

Visit the Rose Bowl on the first Wednesday of each month for a special bowling event—Homeschool HyperBowling! This event takes place from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and we look forward to seeing you there.

Family Group Photo

The Nelson family at daughter, Lisbeth's, wedding.

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