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Take the Ride of Your Life on Virtual Rabbids

Updated: Aug 3

Escape to a virtual world of rabbid rabbits, high-speed chases, and flying objects galore. Virtual Rabbids, a virtual reality ride, is ready for passengers at the Rose Bowl! Slip the virtual reality glasses on and prepare for the ride of your life. Virtual Rabbids will stimulate all your senses simultaneously, including a moving/vibrating seat, wind blasts on your face, 3-D screen movement, and life-like sounds.

Almost as fun as riding Virtual Rabbids is watching someone else immersed in the experience. There is a screen to get a glimpse of what those riding the ride are experiencing. The laughter, facial expressions, and even occasional screams will make you smile as you watch your friends and family take the adventurous ride.

Are you ready to experience an adventure like no other? Here’s how to experience Virtual Rabbids:

1. Load a Game Card with at least $5 per rider.

2. Swipe the Game Card at the Virtual Rabbids ride.

3. Put on the Virtual Reality Glasses and get ready for a wild ride!

There are rides with various intensity. Ask a staff member for suggestions. If you love roller coasters, you’ll love Virtual Rabbids!

Plan your trip to the Rose Bowl today!

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